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Cold Water

Our fancy goldfish selection includes a wide range of top quality fish. All our cold water fish are fully quarantined for a minimum of 10 days and are fed a variety of foods whilst in our care. We have a network of cold water breeders across the UK this ensures we keep good relationships with breeders and in turn we get the best quality fish at the best price. We offer various sized fish to accommodate every customer you have. We also regularly do WYSIWYG with our Grade AAA larger fish and send photos weekly of what we are offering. This allows you to show your customers and get them the exact fish they want.

As well as our UK breeders we also have good relationships with some of the show quality top breeders from Thailand. These fish get the same quarantine procedures and high quality food that our UK fish get ensuring all you receive is the best highest quality fish available.

All of the images displayed on our site are from our stock