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Pond Fish

Our Koi carp are directly imported from Japan. We only get the best fish and the best prices and going directly to the breeders keeps costs low and quality high. We solely supply Japanese koi this is due to the great quality, colours and sizes available. Throughout the full year we continue to import koi of many different sizes.

Our pond fish are fed solely on NT Labs Medikoi, this great all round food ensures the shape, colour and size of these fish stay constant and arrive to you in the best shape possible. On our larger koi we regularly update our website so individual fish can be chosen and delivered to you quickly throughout the year. We also keep our fish from different farms kept separate with individual codes. This means that you can ensure you get the exact fish from the same breeder year upon year.

As with all our imported koi one or two will be sent from each batch for a KHV test to make sure we are not bringing this terrible virus into the UK and into your systems. Our strict 4 week quarantine means that once the fish arrive from Japan we will hold them in a separate area for the duration of their quarantine so any problems or settling issues happen to us rather than you. This means you will be receiving fish that can immediately go on sale knowing the fish are well quarantined and well fed.

All of the images displayed on our site are from our stock