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Our adventure begins

What started over a Costa hot chocolate, continued with a few beers have finally turned into a business, sounds like the start of a joke.

In the year of “The Covid”, Ornamental Aquatics Wholesale was created…

Three guys who thought that starting a new business in the plague year was a good idea, which so far is turning into a pretty exciting adventure!

What is the first thing you need? Has to be a sign/Symbol right? Its to the right, its the brain child of our very own Max 🙂

We have a company, we have a site (This), we have cloud services, working on a premises (Currently in discussion) we are progressing well.
Lease is agreed in principle, also created a really detailed build out plan you can see to the left..

Already have people speaking to us about supplying stock, trade accounts being created, now if only we had a bank account. In progress

Hoping to get the build out of the premises kicked off in the next 2 weeks, get it started just before Christmas!!

When we get through the door, we will start to show the build our journey!

Hope you come with us on the journey